Crossing Borders: Georgia to Armenia

Armenia and Georgia are neighboring countries which only have a distance of 286km from each other. There are different ways to cross the border: by plane, train, public bus and private vehicle.

We opted to travel by private vehicle as we adored David's kindness and hospitality. As from my previous blog, he was our guide during our stay in Georgia. We paid 100USD for a one-way trip. It's definitely worth the price for the safety and having someone to go along with. He doesn't mind to drop you to tourist places along the way, or have a quick break from long hours of drive to grab a snack.

If you are crossing the border by a private car there are tourist places you can visit, which are between borders; but, we preferred to go straight to our hotel as the travel hours will take 6-8 hours.

View while crossing the border to Armenia


After almost an hour drive to Sadakhlo, which is the exit point of Georgia, we entered inside a corridor while our driver waited outside the place. We went straight to the counters to have our passports stamped, indicating that we were officially leaving the country. Since we are residents of Qatar they asked for our QIDs as well.

There is a money exchange in the area so we exchanged all our Georgian Lira to Armenian Drams. If you have any last-minute purchase or looking for a bite there's a small duty free store at the end of the hall. 


After crossing the bridge (which is the border of the two countries) in just a few minutes, we finally arrived in Armenia.

We had to leave our driver once again while he dealt with his car insurance, passport and everything needed when crossing the border by a private car. When you drive your own rented car make sure to ask for all the documents with your agency, to avoid any issue in the border.

Moreover, we had to enter a small tunnel-like crossing point and pay for our visa. Philippine passport holders are entitled to a visa on arrival. It is better to pay with cash in the exact amount to avoid delays, since the officers from the counters usually don't have change. 


15000AMD - 120 days
3000AMD - 21 days
10000 AMD - 3-day transit
Free - below 18 years old

After paying in the visa counter, you have to wait for the queue to have your bag checked. They are allowing a certain amount of cigarettes and alcohol to pass, the officers are not very strict on the border, they will check your passport and all is done! 

Sevan Lake, Armenia

It will take about 30mins for the entire process, but of course, it depends on the number of travelers in the queue. It was my first time to cross a border so, at first we were a bit anxious. Armenians however, are very friendly, as you enter the place someone will guide you with the process, and they already know which nationalities need a visa or not.

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