The Chemist Cafe

If you are looking for a unique, cozy, Instagram-worthy place to chill out,  then this is one of the cutest go to café in Doha! The Chemist Café is located at Square Mall in F Ring Road.
The location is quite difficult to reach because it is far from the city but the place is worth to try.

From the name of the place itself, it is science-chemistry-laboratory like theme. They serve the drinks with beaker and test tubes as their glass. And to make it more realistic they will serve it with dry ice so it will look like some chemical reaction is going on. 😃😃

Even the staff uniform is very convincing, they are wearing a protective suit just like the real chemist! The staffs are friendly and very accommodating, we are so fond of their stuff  so my niece and nephew keeps on requesting for dry ice and their cool wet wipes. They didn't hesitate to give it to them every time they ask for it.

Strawberry Mojito
Bubble Gum Mojito
Ice latte
The mojitos are refreshing but I find it a bit too sweet that makes me feel more thirsty. But I still liked it. We also tried their Lotus cheesecake and Chocolate brownies which I also liked. They have limited selection of food so don't expect too much.


The Chemist Café
B.Square Mall, F Ring Road,
Mesaimeer, Doha
Opening hours: 12nn - 12 midnight

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