$14 Tour in Armenia

Armenia is in the mountainous caucus region between Asia and Europe. This country is probably not on the top list of travelers and may not be known by many, but once you visit Armenia, you will be captivated by its amazing landscape and fall in love with the beauty of nature. 

Similar to Georgia, Armenia has a lot of mythical stories related to Christianity. It also has a long history of invasion and fighting over territories. 


Our trip to Armenia was out of the plan, but as we found out that crossing the border is not complicated we decided to go ahead and explore the country. It was a very short stay, we arrived in our hotel around 6:30PM and stayed in Caucasus Hotel. Unfortunately, it is not in the center of the city and there are no restaurants nearby, so we had to travel all the way down to the city center (it was just a 15-minute trip, so it wasn't that bad.) We were very exhausted so we just decided to have dinner and take a rest. 

$14 TOUR

Our trip to Armenia, as mentioned, was out of the plan as it was a last-minute decision a few days before our trip to Georgia. I didn't have time to create my own itinerary but since we will stay there for only 2 and a half days, I decided to search for a group tour from the agencies.  My friend suggested Daisy from DEISY Travels LLC  Armenia Georgia ToursThey have different sets of tours that you can choose from. We chose a one-day tour for 14USD or 7000AMD, it only includes transportation that will take you to different places, entrance fees are not included if there's any.

Here are the places to visit for the tour that we availed.


The Temple of Garni is the only standing Greco-Roman colonnaded building in Armenia and the former Soviet Union. 

Entrance Fee: 3000AMD


It is one of the ancient monasteries in Armenia, the place is carved out from the mountain and was named after the spear that stabbed Jesus. Legend says, the spear, Geghard, was brought here. 

If you walk through the other side, there is a small pond which is also carved out from the mountain. You can pass through the bridge and climb a little to the top of a small cliff to see a different view of the monastery. 

Entrance Fee: Free


This ancient monastery complex was transformed from an island to a peninsula when the lake was partially drained. From there, you will get the best view of the Sevan lake.

There is also a restaurant below the monastery, it is best to order first before you climbed up to the monastery since it takes time for your order to be served as they will cook the food upon ordering. They also serve grilled fish fresh from the lake. 

Entrance Fee: Free


Tsagkadzor is what they called "Spa Town". It is surrounded by Alpine meadows and the best place for skii. We had limited time to explore Tsagkadsor because we spent too much time in Sevanavank, the cable car closes at 5PM from the bottom and 6PM from the top of the mountain. 

Cable Car: 1000AMD


This is not part of the 14USD tour and it is definitely for free! Just walking around the city is already satisfying and relaxing. Even the streets are very busy, you don't feel stressed about it. 

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