Last minute Bachelorette Party

Have you tried organizing an event at the last minute? Being part of the wedding entourage, a first-time Maid of Honor and working abroad didn't fit well to me. I believe I didn't play the role really well, but A for effort for me! 🙂

Two weeks before my flight to the Philippines, I tried to organize a bachelorette party for my best friend. I invited a few of our closest friends since I didn't have enough time to invite and gather all the important girls in her life. Unfortunately out of the few girls that I invited, not even a single one could join me in the party that I prepared. So, I just told myself that I will just pull it off alone, that I will take her out and catch up with her.

My frustration was so intense, I thought I failed in giving her a party she deserved. A few hours before I landed in the Philippines (thanks to PAL wifi on board), I was chatting with one of our friends back in college (which is also a very close friend of the bride) and I found out that she had the same frustration as mine. We then decided to organize it together. Everything was rushed, we didn't have the chance to order bachelorette party decorations so we had to do the props by ourselves.

We had multiple attempts in surprising her, unfortunately time was our constant enemy. Since I arrived in the Philippines only a week before her wedding, her schedule was so tight that we couldn't break through. The original plan of rainbows, butterflies and unicorns didn't come to life. I had to push myself so hard with her just to pursue the mini bachelorette party that I invited her out for coffee before the wedding, so Honey (our friend) and my nieces (who are not part of the original plan) somehow could decorate the room for her. I had to distract her and keep her with me the whole time.

Obviously, she was not prepared for this party. We coudn't find time to prepare her dress because it was really a freakin' hectic day!
Everything happened very fast we missed to prepare a lot of things, I’m just so thankful she didn't get a hint that we were preparing something for her. I was busy with my phone the whole time I was with her because of the surprise. 
I am glad that she really got surprised and had happy tears. I am happy that she's happy, which is the most important to me.

So from this experience, here are few tips in throwing a last minute Bachelorette Party

  • Focus with your friend, it doesn't have to be a big party.
  • If you can't invite all her friends, just make sure to celebrate with her even how simple the celebration is.
  • Buying props is not necessary, you can do it your own! Ribbons, glitters and balloons are really a big help! :)
  • If you cant decorate a room, there are cute themed-restaurants in the city, do your research and ask the staff to surprise her with cake and you can even ask them to sing and dance for her.
  • Her happiness is the most important :)

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